-8 TJ Steering Cooler Kit w/V-Bar Bracket, Hose and Fittings


For a new install on a stock system using components from PSC you will need the following items in general.

Steering gear (our fittings are -6 on the pressure side and -8 for the return to the cooler)

High pressure line from pump to steering gear in -6

Low Pressure line from reservoir to Pump in -12

Pump -6 pressure line to steering gear -12 low pressure line from reservoir to pump inlet

Reservoir with -8 return -12 to pump

-8 Hose and fitting from return port on steering gear to cooler inlet (we supply the adapter and -8 push lock fitting at the cooler inlet) Typical fittings are -8 straight or 45 at the gear and the same at reservoir return port depending on how the reservoir is mounted.

-8 Hose and fitting from reservoir to cooler outlet (we supply the adapter and -8 push lock fitting at the cooler outlet)

-6 pressure lines from ports on side of steering gear to assist cylinder. (we supply the modified cylinder and hardware to attach it to the axle and draglink)

Typical fittings used for the cylinder are 3 -6 90° Field Serviceable fittings and 1 -6 45° Field Serviceable fitting with about 7’ of hydraulic hose on a rig with 4” of lift



-8 TJ Machined Steering Cooler Kit with V-Bar Bracket Mount Kit, Hose and Fittings

Not for Stock Set Ups, we have another Cooler Kit on the Website for Stock Set Ups.


If you want to use this kit for your stock steering gear and plastic reservoir, purchase the -6 add-on hose kit for the Stock set up and save the -8 parts and hose for when you do the upgrade.


This kit comes with a modified cooler for mounting the cooler in the grill to the V-Bar


TJ Machined Cooler Kit Includes:


  • Modified Steering Cooler
  • V-Bar Mounting Bracket with hardware
  • 2 Adapter Fittings -8 to Male NPT for Cooler
  • 3 90 Degree Push Lock Fittings (check with us if you need a specific color)
  • 1 45 Degree Push Lock Fitting for cooler return out of steering gear
  • 1 Custom Made Return Fitting with O-Ring to convert return port on steering gear to -8 Male
  • 7 Feet of -8 Low Pressure hose to plumb cooler to reservoir from steering gear
  • Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping


Steering Cooler Add On Kit for the Stock Reservoir - This kit will convert the passenger side of the steering cooler from the standard -8 size down to -6 size in order to use the slip on fitting on the back of the Stock TJ Plastic Reservoir.  Only sold with the purchase of a Cooler Kit to temporarily run the stock system until the conversion to a remote reservoir is completed.

Steering Cooler Add On Kit Includes:

  • 3 Feet of 3/8" return hose
  • 1  -6 Male adapter for Cooler
  • 1  -6 Male Push Lock 90° fitting

Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping

-8 TJ Steering Cooler Kit w/V-Bar Bracket, Hose and Fittings
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