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Over the years, I have designed gear for several companies under license.  By and large they all have one thing in common, they failed to live up to their end of the agreements. Most have let products languish in production at which point I have had to rescue them and pay the bill. If I’m going to pay the bill and not get paid for my work, it only makes sense to just do it myself in the manner it should have been done from the beginning which is my promise to our customers. We will not add mark-up to cover a dealer or vendor network and will instead operate on a less than industry standard profit margin in order to put quality gear at the most reasonable price possible in your hands. Time will tell if this is sustainable but for as long as possible, this is how it will be.

It may be noticed that there are no permanently engraved or etched logos on the products. That goes along with my personal belief that it is the customer’s right to choose to advertise for free.

Due to the price structure of the Wizard Recovery Gear - No Discounts will be honored including the Military Discount.