We now offer the Vanco Big Brake kits.  If you need Techinal Support for any of our products including the Vanco Big Brake kits you can send an email to me via mrblaine@blackmagicbrakes.com include your phone number and we will call you back, or call (951) 249-6951 8am to 5pm PST

International Shipping: We only ship select products to Canada at this time, items can be found on the Jeep Co-op Canada page.

At this time, there is not a rear Black Magic pad for the TJ style rear disc brakes. If you select the rear brake upgrade Package for your TJ rear discs, you will get the very grippy 105 series Centric compound which works very well with the included Centric Premium rotors.

As a note of caution and warning, please be aware that generally these brake pad and rotor combinations require a break-in process which is easily accomplished and the instructions for the process are included with each set of pads purchased and should be followed for your safety.

We are very aware that there are several places on the internet where you can find the rotors we sell for a few dollars less. We are not capable of matching these prices, but we are far more capable at taking care of any problems that may arise, so we would ask you to please factor in our much higher level of service when you choose your rotor supplier. Thanks, Blaine

Jeep Parts Co-Op

Over the years we have noted that many folks have an idea for a unique part that is typically very much needed and is often produced in low volumes due to filling a more specialized niche in the Jeep parts market. The volume of sales are not enough to warrant the time and expense of developing a full blown business. We thought we would try something a bit different and offer a place for these small volume vendors to offer their products in a co-op type venue.

Click HERE to view and purchase items from our Jeep Co-Op Partners

It is with great pleasure that we honor our past and present Military Personnel by offering a discount on all of our products. Please contact us for the discount code that can be used at check-out to take advantage of our small token of appreciation for your service.


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